Ojaswee Shrestha

Credentials: PhD Student - Turner Lab

I work in the intersection of landscape ecology and agroecology for a project related to the sustainability of Food Energy Water Ecosystems (FEWE) in the agriculturally dominated landscapes of the Upper Mississippi River Basin. Some of the few topics I focus on are spatial and temporal aspects of sensitivity of croplands vs. semi-natural vegetation, ecosystem services and biodiversity connectivity in the landscape.


Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree in iBio?

It is a very interdisciplinary program that allows us to craft our degree to be diverse while at the same time allows us to gain expertise in our topics of interest. For me this was important because my goal is to integrate basic science with applied science that can propagate real world changes and solutions to adverse issues of climate change and sustainability.

Why or what do you love about the program?

It is very friendly and collaborative community of peers and faculty .

Future Plans: I plan to pursue a career in the non-profit environmental organizations related to conservation and planning of sustainable ecosystems

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in four countries (short and long-term).

Educational Background:

BA in Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology from Illinois Wesleyan University Masters in Earth and Environmental Resources Management from University of South Carolina- Columbia