Michelle Homann (she/they)

Credentials: PhD Student - Damschen Lab

Email: mhomann@wisc.edu

I am interested in studying plant community and climate change ecology in fire-maintained grasslands with a specific emphasis on restoration outcomes. Throughout my dissertation work, I plan to investigate the roles of fire timing, community assembly, and the overarching implications of a changing climate as drivers of plant community composition.
Lab: https://damschenlab.zoology.wisc.edu/

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree in iBio?

I have always been curious about how biological processes work, but after a land management internship with the Mississippi Valley Conservancy (based out of La Crosse, WI), I decided that I wanted to do dedicated ecological research long-term.

Why or what do you love about the program?

I love the close-knit community that the iBio graduate students have created and purposefully maintained.

Future Plans: Who knows!

Educational Background:

B.S. in Environmental Biology from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse

Lab: https://damschenlab.zoology.wisc.edu/