Yevgenya Grinblat

Credentials: Professor

Position title: Developmental Biology, Genetics/Genomics, Neuroscience


Phone: 608-265-3219

219 iBio Research Building

Research Areas
Developmental Biology, Genetics/Genomics, Neuroscience

Lab Page

Research Areas

Developmental Biology, Genetics/Genomics, Neuroscience

Research Interests

  • Genetic control of cranial morphogenesis in vertebrate embryos.
  • Modeling frontonasal dysplasia, coloboma and holoprosencephaly in zebrafish.
  • Gene/environment interactions during cranial morphogenesis.
  • Modeling genetic predisposition to fetal alcohol toxicity in zebrafish.

Recent publications

  • Sedykh, I., Yoon, B., Roberson, L., Moskvin, O., Dewey, C. N., & Grinblat, Y. (2017). Zebrafish zic2 controls formation of periocular neural crest and choroid fissure morphogenesis. Dev Biol, 429(1), 92-104. PMCID: PMC5603172.
  • Sedykh, I., Keller, A.N, Yoon, B., Moskvin, O., Grinblat, Y. (2018) Zebrafish Rfx4 controls dorsal and ventral midline formation in the neural tube. Dev Dyn, 247(4), 650-659. PMCID: PMC5854527.
  • Grinblat, Y., & Lipinski, R. J. (2019). A forebrain undivided: Unleashing model organisms to solve the mysteries of holoprosencephaly. Dev Dyn, 248(8), 626-633. PMID: 30993762
  • Pini, J., Hu, Y.H., Kueper,J., Kawasaki, K., Yeung, P., Yoon, B., Carmichael, N., Toth Petroczy, A.K., Perroni, V., Maas, R. L., Grinblat, Y., and Liao, E.C. (2020). ALX1-related Frontonasal Dysplasia Results From Defective Neural Crest Cell Development and Migration. EMBO Molecular Medicine, 12:e12013. PMID: 32914578


  • Zoology 555 – Laboratory in Developmental Biology
  • Zoology 655 – Modeling Neurodevelopmental Disease
  • Neuroscience 765 – Developmental Neuroscience