Kally Arnzen

Credentials: MS Student - Hardin Lab

Email: karnzen@wisc.edu

I study the molecular processes and roles of particular genes that control epithelial morphogenesis during the embryonic development of C. elegans.

Lab: https://worms.zoology.wisc.edu/

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree in iBio?

I wanted to expand my knowledge in the world of genetics, genomics, molecular biology, and biotechnology to best prepare myself for my future career.

Why or what do you love about the program?

I love the freedom that iBio provides when choosing courses so that I can focus on what is interesting and relevant to me and my research.

Educational background:

B.S. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology & Microbiology from the University of Idaho

Lab: https://worms.zoology.wisc.edu/