Eldon Ager (He/him/his)

Credentials: PhD Student - Hite Lab

Email: eager2@wisc.edu

My research will focus on developing a general framework, informed by empirical data, to understand and predict how iron bioavailability affects key pathogen traits and population dynamics that drive transmission.

Lab: https://evolutionaryepidemiology.org/new-page-1

Why did you decide to pursue a graduate degree in iBio?

I decided to pursue a graduate degree in iBio because the program allows me to incorporate multiple disciplines. Specifically, the iBio program involves interdisciplinary research, utilizing methods and theories from other fields, such as physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science to understand the most complex questions in biology.

Why or what do you love about the program?

The staffs are very supportive and welcoming.

Fun Fact: I actually love coding

Educational Background:

BSc (Animal Health and Production)- Kenyatta University

MSc (One Health) – The University of Edinburgh

Lab: https://evolutionaryepidemiology.org/new-page-1