Graduate Student Spotlight

Graduate students in the Department of Integrative Biology hold a huge role in the department’s community. Our graduate students have diverse experiences and interests from service roles, to research, to non academic interests, and even dream jobs. This site is designed to highlight and teach us all more about the amazing individuals in our graduate student community.


Nathan Kiel

Nathan is currently a PhD student in the Turner lab. Nathan plans to complete the degree this spring, check out his spotlight profile and learn more about Nathan and his experience at UW-Madison.


Kiel Spotlight

Elizabeth (Biz) Locke

Biz is currently an MS student in the Orrock lab. She plans to graduate this summer. Learn more about her dream job, hobbies, and more in her spotlight article.


Locke Spotlight

Katherine Charton

Katherine is currently a PhD student in the Damschen lab. Katherine plans to graduate this summer. Check out her spotlight article to learn about Katherine, her research, and more.

Charton Spotlight