Graduate Student Organization

I. Purpose

The purpose of the Zoology Graduate Student Organization (ZooGSO) is to increase interactions among zoology graduate students; encourage student involvement in departmental academic and administrative affairs; and provide leadership opportunities through participation in departmental committees and committees of student-led activities.

II. Activities

The activities include the fall and spring semester welcome week events and the monthly Graduate Student Informal Seminars (GSIS). The GSIS are monthly meetings (second Tuesday of the month at noon) where graduate students get together to socialize and discuss improving the quality of life as zoology graduate students. Usually, speakers are invited to talk about a specific topic, but the format is flexible. The ZooGSO officers determine the topic for each meeting and invite speakers; notifies the members about the topic of the following GSIS meeting at least 1 week in advance; and makes a head count prior to the meeting to plan for food.

III. ZooGSO Membership

Membership is open to all University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate students and post-docs whose advisor is in the Department of Integrative Biology (including zero-time appointments).

IV. Officers

The ZooGSO officer committee is composed of a President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Outreach Director, and GSIS Representatives. All positions have a one year term, (s)elected at the final spring meeting in May. Present officers and representatives should meet once a month (prior to the GSIS meetings). To better fulfill the officer’s mandate, it would be preferable (although not mandatory) that the organizers be distributed among the three main zoology buildings (Zoology Research, Birge Hall, and the Center for Limnology).

2018-2019 Officers

President: Jon Henn

Vice-President: Tyler Hoecker

Treasurer: Mike Bosch

Outreach Director: Lucas Nell

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