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Department of Integrative Biology

145 Noland Hall [find on campus mall]In 2021, most of our department staff are working remotely.
250 N. Mills Street, Madison, WI, 53706
Lauren Riters
Department Chair & Professor | 608-262-6506 | 428 Birge Hall
Seth Blair
Associate Chair | 608-262-1345 | 315 Integrative Biology Research Building


Julie Lindsey, Department Administrator | 608-262-1087
Strategic planning and communication
Policies and procedures
Financial and facilities planning
Faculty and staff recruitment/hiring/onboard
Alumni relations, stewardship
Nazan Gillie, Instructional Program Manager | 608-262-2741
Instructional planning and communication
TA, STS, Reader/Grader hiring
iBio curriculum committee
Summer term
Carol Cooley, HR Generalist| 608-262-1725
Payroll and benefits
Hiring and zero-dollar appointments
Faculty and staff visas
Effort reporting
Michelle Kirch, Accountant| 608-262-1378
Department fund balances and accounts
Start-up funds
Faculty non-federal accounts
Reservations – room, department van
James Vandenberg, Financial Specialist Adv| 608-262-1378
Purchase orders, direct payments, and PIRs
Shipping and receiving
Cindy Armour, Financial Specialist Senior| 608-262-1379
Drivers authorization & Fleet vehicle
Julie Larson, Research Administrator| 608-890-2412
Pre-award: support, budgets, submissions
Post-award: setup, management, closeout
Sam Krejcarek, IT Systems Administrator| 608-265-7919
Technology troubleshooting
Hardware/software purchasing
Networking, cybersecurity
Duane Barnes, Facilities Manager| 608-262-1052
Work orders
Building maintenance
Capital equipment



Undergraduate Advisors for our majors:
Biology (L&S)
Molecular and Cell Biology
Students can look up their assigned advisor at Course Offerings and Enrollment FAQs
Kelin Boldiis is the Graduate Coordinator for Zoology & Freshwater and Marine Sciences | 608-262-2742 | B154 Birge Hall