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  • iBio’s Jonathon Bryan Earns a 2022-2023 Wisconsin Idea Fellowship!

    Congrats to Jonathon Bryan, a triple major in Molecular & Cell Biology, Neurobiology, and Psychology, for earning a 2022-2023 Wisconsin Idea Fellowship!

  • iBio Research Scientist, Changjiu Zhou, Wins Academic Staff Excellence Award!

    Changjiu Zhou, iBio Research Scientist in the Riters Lab, wins the prestigious academic staff excellence award. Award winners are recognized for bringing the university’s mission to life and ensuring that the Wisconsin Idea extends far …

  • Were U Wondering about how lake ice melts? We explain!

    How does lake ice melt? Is it similar to an ice cube? Does it just slowly disappear? UW-Madison Limnology Professor Hilary Dugan explains the fun science behind this common phenomenon.

  • Lake Mendota Said to Be Most Studied Lake in the World

    It’s said that Lake Mendota is the most-studied lake in the world, and among the things, it’s telling us now is that winter is the season most affected by climate change in Wisconsin. In case …

  • iBio Grad Students, Ben Iuliano and Jacob Kraus, earn Dorothy Powelson Teaching Assistant Award!

  • Act of ‘Heresy’ Adds Horseshoe Crabs to Arachnid Family Tree

    iBio’s Sharma Lab (in collaboration with six other labs) challenges a well-established scenario of how arachnids colonized land, suggesting instead that the group underwent multiple land colonizations.

  • How Does a Spider Weave Its Web?

    Ever wondered how exactly a spider spins its web? So has Emily Setton of iBio’s Sharma Lab. She seeks this answer by collecting eggs from female Texas brown tarantulas, looking deep into there genes.

  • iBio Faculty Member Monica Turner Cited as one of the most Published Individuals at UW-Madison

    Monica Turner, an iBio faculty member whose focus lies in the subjects of Conservation Biology and Ecology, has recently been recognized on the 2021 Highly Cited Researchers list! This list honors influential researchers who have …

  • Remembering Dr. Karen Steudel Numbers

  • Sr Academic Curator in the UW Zoological Museum, John Lyons, interviewed for National Geographic Article

    Sr Academic Curator in the UW Zoological Museum, John Lyons, was interviewed in a National Geographic article regarding climate change.

  • Algae blooms a problem but not a trend, study finds

  • New article on the genome of daddy long legs

    Congrats to iBio’s Guilherme Gainnet for his new published paper! In a collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution in DC, Guilherme published the first harvestman (daddy long legs) genome and used gene silencing experiments to discover …

  • Climate Change Impacts on our Earth

    UW’s climate scientists including iBio professor Monica Turner study and discuss the effects of climate change in this article.

  • 2021 Student Service Scholarship

    iBio students Taylor Tai and Patricia Tran received 2021 Graduate Student Service Scholarship!

  • 2021 L&S Mid-Career Award

    Integrative Biology staff member Nazan Gillie wins 2021 L&S Mid-Career Award!


    Manasa Kalluri (Neurobiology and Psychology Major) named one of three 2021 Goldwater Scholars!


    Monica Turner speaks about the wildfires that have been effecting California and other western states.


    Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (Zoo 430) made huge strides in adapting its structure for the pandemic.


    Lauren Riter’s work on Starlings are being showcased on Psychology Today.

  • Lineage of Learning

    Wayland Evan Noland supports the College of Letters & Science to ensure that intellectual pursuit remains strong into the future

  • Staff Award

    Duane Barnes, Building Manager, Department of Integrative Biology, is a 2019 recipient of the the University Staff Award

  • New Ecology Research

    Scientists studying plant species discovered that habitat corridors improve biodiversity and reduce extinction rates

  • Student Spotlight

    For junior Camila Hernández, studying Spanish and Neurobiology are an ideal path for becoming a physician and patient advocate

  • Faculty Award

    Congrats to John Orrock for being recognized with the Vilas Faculty Mid-Career Investigator Award

  • Zoological Museum

    Museums and special collections across the College of Letters & Science enhance learning and spark curiosity

  • Lauren Riters Featured

    A celebration of the tool-users, the problem-solvers, and the songbirds.

  • Emeritus Faculty

    Retirement doesn’t end Warren Porter’s 50-plus years of research in zoology – it accelerates it

  • Research Grant

    Dr. Turner’s team receives grant for the project titled Anticipating and Envisioning Future Landscapes of Greater Yellowstone.

  • UW on TV

    Monica Turner is featured in NOVA special about the 2018 California wildfires

  • New Findings

    Carlos Santibáñez-López finds two new scorpion superfamilies in phylogenomic analysis

  • Flamingo Project

    Jan Huisken, Visiting Assistant Professor of iBio, creates portable, shareable scientific microscope

  • UW2020 Project

    Hilary Dugan receives funding for “Full Season Science in the Northwoods” project

  • Ecology Award

    Steve Carpenter, professor emeritus of the CFL, receives 2018 Ramon Margalef Prize in Ecology

  • NatGeo Coverage

    Jesús Ballesteros’ work on arachnid phylogeny is covered in a press release by National Geographic

  • Fellowship Awardee

    Emily Setton wins 2019 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program award

  • New Discovery

    Carlos Santibáñez-López, Sharma lab postdoc, untangles scorpion family tree using venom shape

  • The Big Dig

    Zoology 152 instructor Doug Rouse leads students on a quest for new antibiotics

  • Faculty Funding

    Carol Lee awarded “Make Our Planet Great Again” grant from the French government

  • Yellowstone Research

    Monica Turner is examining how the patterns of fire and forest recovery are changing

  • Neural Imaging

    Liz Haynes, Halloran lab postdoc, wins first place in Nikon Small World in Motion contest

  • Presentation Prizes

    Emily Setton & Guilherme Gainett win prizes at the 21st International Congress of Arachnology

  • Undergraduate Research

    Emily Setton, incoming PhD student in the Sharma lab, published her undergraduate work in PNAS

  • Featured Course

    Bird observing course, Zoology 521, an experience in finding passion for nature

  • Yellowstone Research

    Members of the Turner lab are examining how the patterns of fire and forest recovery are changing

  • Student Spotlight

    PhD student Carly Ziter shares how green spaces in cities help control floods, store carbon

  • Teaching Award

    Ellen Damschen has been chosen to receive the Chancellor’s Inclusive Excellence Award

  • Staff Award

    Carlos Peralta, Zoology 151/152 coordinator, receives McBurney Forward in Access Award

  • Faculty Award

    Emily Stanley is the 2018 recipient of the G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award

  • Faculty Service

    Tony Stretton and Warren Porter have taught at UW-Madison for 46 years

  • Student Spotlight

    PhD student Jeremy Spool spent a spring living among loons to make a fascinating discovery

  • Student Spotlight

    Nick Davenport, former CMB student, receives MBoC Paper of the Year Award

  • Remembering Ian

    Ian Santino, a landscape architecture student and Zoology 151/152 TA, has passed away

  • Emeritus Faculty

    ‘Free-range scientist’ Steve Carpenter remains inspired, inspiring — even in retirement

  • Raging Wildfire

    Monica Turner shares findings from Yellowstone research in The New York Times

  • Faculty Focus

    Hilary Dugan will join the department and the CFL in January as an Assistant Professor

  • Lake Health

    Emily Stanley shares findings from climate change research in The New York Times

  • Museum News

    Campus museums recreate ‘cabinet of natural history’ digitally

  • Model Lake

    Steve Carpenter sounds a warning for Lake Mendota on the cover of Isthmus Magazine

  • Tropical Research

    Ecologist Jacob Usinowicz discovers coexistence is path to diversity in tropical trees

  • Yellowstone Research

    Monica Turner shares insights from research in Yellowstone National Park

  • Plentiful Planarians

    Phil Newmark studies the regenerative properties of these small, nondescript flatworms

  • Jumping Worms

    Citizen scientists scour the Madison area for this invasive species

  • Cool Science Images 2020

    iBio’s graduate student Guilherme Gainett and Assistant Professor Prashant P. Sharma are winners!

  • Faculty Award

    Jeff Hardin is one of ten selected for WARF named professorships

  • Brain Trust

    Tony Stretton has been featured in On Wisconsin Magazine for his dedication to UW-Madison

  • Research Publication

    Postdocs Jesús Ballesteros and Carlos Santibáñez López publish the first genome-scale phylogeny of arachnids that samples all orders

  • Cannibal Insects

    John Orrock examines how plants under attack can turn hungry caterpillars into cannibals

  • Sea spiders are tougher and older than you might think!

    iBio’s Jesús Ballesteros, Carlos Santibáñez López, Emily Setton, and Prashant Sharma co-authored a paper on sea spider evolution.

  • Sunny Seminars

    Emily Stanley hosts her Limnology seminar outside at a different park every week.